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Silar changes the speed-quality cooking paradigm by enabling fast cooking of higher quality foods.   Our Silar® chef has prepared several menu options that demonstrate expanded menus and versatility gained by using the Silar® Microwave Grill and the Silar® Microwave Flatstone.   Both of these products also afford restaurateurs the luxury of servicing their customers faster, while reducing labor and energy costs.

The Silar® Microwave Grill and Silar® Microwave Flatstone are made of a high technology ceramic composite that works by absorbing microwaves and converting those microwaves into heat.
To get the maximum benefit from the Silar® Microwave Grill and Silar® Microwave Flatstone,
multi-stage cooking is essential.   The multi-stage program we provide is tested and delivers excellent results. 

When Silar® Technology products are used, typically more microwave energy is required to achieve the best cooking results.  More microwave energy means faster cooking times, and, when utilizing Silar® Technology products, higher quality foods in taste, presentation, and texture. 

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