Silar Microwave Grill

Silar Microwave Grill

The Silar® Microwave Grill, an innovative ceramic composite microwave heatable oven insert, revolutionizes industrial microwave cooking. Silar® changes the speed-quality cooking paradigm, and provides higher quality foods cooked even faster.  In the past, if you wanted food cooked and prepared quickly, you had to compromise on quality.  Silar’s new microwave-conduction cooking allows food to cook both on top and on the underside evenly and uniformly.  The Silar Microwave Grill rises to cooking temperatures in as little as five seconds, and can reduce cook times by up to 90%.

The insert has a corrugated surface that evenly distributes heat and cooks like an outdoor grill.  Easily cleaned, the insert is dishwasher safe and comes with a one-year guarantee.  The Silar Microwave Grill also allows restaurants options for menu expansion and versatility, servicing customers faster, and reducing labor and energy costs.  Further, the Silar Microwave Grill is compatible with all microwave manufacturers.

Oven Suitability

Advanced Composite Materials, LLC produces Silar® Microwave Heatable Oven Racks that are suitable for use with the following Industrial Microwave Ovens.  Other size and style racks are available upon request.


Amana® AXP20
Amana AXP20
MerryChef 402S MerryChef 402S
TurboChef Tornado TurboChef Tornado